Name Arne Andersson
Date of birth 1945-06-10
Nationality Swedish
Marital status Single
Languages Swedish, English, German
Education College 1966
  GTI, Mechanical Engineer 1970
  Electrical authorization 1984
  University of Gothenburg, Electronics, Digital technique and Micro computer technique part time 1985-1986

Courses Pneumatic: Atlas Copco, Mecman
  Control Systems: Honeywell, ABB, Fisher Simrad Albatross
  Computer programs: Windows, MS Office, WordPerfect, Data ease, Plan perfect, Intergraph cad and AutoCAD

Brief career description 40 years experience within electro, instrumentation and mechanical
  10 years with electrical and instrument installation
  10 years as supervisor
  11 years with test and start up
  14 years with engineering
Certificates Authorized by "Statens energiverk Sweden" for electrical installations
  Authorized by "Sertifiseringskomiten Norway" Elektromontör gruppe L
  Leiro I and II Basis offshore safety
Company PoCo Engineering AB
  Mellanv. 12
  S-444 60 Stora Höga
  Tel/fax: +46-303-777810
Mobile: +46-708-693231
Detailed work history Götaverken Arendal 1972-1979
  Installation electronic and pneumatic instruments, calibration and start up
  Beroxo AB Stenungsund 1980
  Responsible for calibration and test during start up
  Esso Chemical AB 1981
  Modernization project- Modification from single controller to Honeywell TDC system
  Unifos Kemi AB Stenungsund AB 1982
  LT-2 Plant-responsible for calibration and test during erection and startup.
  Nobel Dynamite plant Saudi Arabia 1983
  Supervisor for electrical and instrument during erection and start up
  Götaverken Arendal 1984
  Rig 949 Design of HVAC control
  Götaverken Arendal 1985
  Korea-project Responsible for interface to vendor packages.
  Aga Gas AB Stenungsund 1985
  Modernizing project design and start up
  Norwegian Rig Consultants 1986
  Drilling Module Gullfaks B. Detail engineering
  Norwegian Rig Consultants 1987
  Drilling Module Gullfaks C. Detail engineering
  Kvaerner Engineering 1988
  Drilling module Oseberg 2. Pre engineering and detail engineering
  Norwegian Rig Consultants 1989
  Drilling module Sleipner A. Detail engineering. Responsible for design and purchase of all field instrument applications.
  Generator AB 1990
  Eskilstuna Power Station. Commissioning manager
  ABV Rock Group AB 1991
  Conceptual design, Saudi Arabia Project
  Volvo AB Skövde 1991
  Commissioning power plant project.
  Norwegian Rig Consultants 1991-1993
  Drilling and Mud module Heidrun project. Detail engineering, P&ID development, design and purchase of field instrument applications and commissioning manuals.
  AMU-Group 1994
  Preparing courses in Industrial measurement and Process control
  Kvaerner Enviro Power AB 1994
  Graab Project. Commissioning Engineer
  Von Roll 1995
  Graab Project. Commissioning Engineer
  Götaverken Miljö AB 1995-1997
  Gas cleaning project Bitterfeld, Germany
  Site Manager for GMAB
  Kvaerner Pulping, Kungälv 1997-1998
  Commissioning Engineer
  Värö Bruk, Varberg 1998-1999
  Instrument Engineer
  Borealis SCEP Project, Stenungsund 1999
  Instrument Superintendent
  GMAB, AKZO Nobel soil treatment plant, Eka 2000
  Commissioning Manager
  Water Treatment Plant, Värö Paper Mill Factory 2001-2002
  Instrument lead engineer
  Götaverken Miljö Fluegas Cleaning for SAKAB, 2002
  Site Manager
  FME Westinghouse Twice project Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant, 2000-2004
  Site Manager
  Flue Gas cleaning project Holstebro Power station Denmark, 2004-2005
  Site Manager
  Flue gas cleaning project SYSAV Malmö 2005-2006
  Site Manager
  Flue gas condensation project Westforbraendning Copenhagen 2006
  Site Manager
  Flue gas Condensation project, Sönderborg, Denmark, 2007
  Site Manager
  Flue gas Condensation project, Halmstad, Sweden, 2008
  Site Manager
  FME Westinghouse Twice project Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant, 2009
  Site Manager
  Flue gas Condensation project, Boden, Sweden, 2010
  Site Manager
  Flue gas Condensation project, Aarhus, Denmark, 2011
  Site Manager
  Flue gas Condensation project, Helsingborg, Sweden, 2012
  Commissioning Manager